Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School

xi. A Day in the Life of a Student at Tsurumine

 Masao is a first-year student at Tsurumine High School. He lives in Chigasaki and he comes to school by bike everyday, but on rainy days he takes the bus. Most of the Tsurumine students live in Chigasaki, so around 90 % use a bike but some coming from the neighboring cities take a train or a bus. Masao arrives at school around 8:30. The first period starts at 8:50 but before that he has a homeroom meeting at 8:40 where his homeroom teacher calls the roll.

 On Monday he has P. E. first period. He is a member of the baseball team but he enjoys playing all kinds of sport. Rainy days and Mondays usually get students down but it’s not the case with him because he always looks forward to P.E. Moreover the second period is music, which is another of his favorites. He likes the fact that he starts the week with his favorite subjects. For his Art subject Masao takes Music, but some take Fine Art and the others Calligraphy. Art is the only elective subject for first-years, but in their second and third year they have a lot of subjects to choose from according to their preference and plans for the future.

 He has Chemistry third and Oral English fourth. He is not very interested in Chemistry but he likes Oral English because he thinks it will be useful to learn how to speak English. He likes Mr. Ciaran MacCormaic, the ALT (Assistant Language Teacher ) from Ireland. He is quite enthusiastic and entertaining in teaching English. So it’s fun. But Masao has heard that Ciaran is leaving Japan in July, which makes him sad.

 Masao has a five-minute recess between each period and after the fourth period he has a forty-five- minute lunch break, which is his prime time at school! He brings the lunch his mother has prepared for him everyday but some students buy some bread from the bakery counter at the entrance and soft drinks from the vending machines. Masao has a big appetite and sometimes he is ravenous well before the lunch break. On such days he eats his lunch between the morning classes. He is a member of the Sports Day Committee and they have a meeting during lunch break today because the festival is near at hand and they are busy preparing for it.

 He has two periods for afternoon classes. On Mondays he has Math and English. He always feel sleepy after lunch, particularly in the fifth period. Besides, Math is his weak subject and he sometimes finds it hard to follow the class. So once in a while he dozes off during the class. He knows he shouldn’t but he can’t help it. As the saying goes, even Homer sometimes nods. For the sixth period he has English, which is one of his favorites. But he prefers oral English to reading.

 After the sixth period is over, he has another homeroom meeting, where his homeroom teacher gives some information about the next day. He wants to go to the club activities as soon as he can but he is on classroom- cleaning duty today. Students have to tidy-up all around the inside of the school buildings including the bathrooms after school everyday.

 Masao’s baseball club is going to have its first match of the summer in a week, so they practice hard everyday. Although he is a first-year, he has been a pitcher ever since he was a junior-high student, so he is a promising pitcher on the team and he hopes to be a starter for the match.  When he gets home after a long, hard training session, he is exhausted and hungry. After taking a bath and eating dinner, he tries to do some study for tomorrow but soon after opening his textbook, he starts nodding again. Before long he abandons his homework, and goes to bed and sleeps like a log.

 That concludes a day for Masao, a typical Tsurumine student.

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