Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School

x. Major School Events of Tsurumine

Sports Day ( taiiku-sai ) in June

All students form three to four teams, symbolized usually by colors, and compete between each other in various events such as the 100m run, various relays, and other fun-oriented game events. However, the event that arouses the greatest enthusiasm among students, particularly third-year students who are to be in the leading position over the 1st and 2nd years is what is called Oengassen, a dancing performance by a mass of students from each team. It is made up of various kinds of dancing skills choreographed by the students. Of course, music plays an important role and the combination of music they use enhances the attraction of the dance.
 Another traditional event that has been done ever since the foundation of the school is another type of dancing, but this time in yukata, Japanese kimono wear for summer. This is not an event for competition, but for togetherness. Prior to this day, all students practice traditional Japanese folk dances in the P.E. classes and learn how to wear yukata. And this dancing, with even some of the teachers volunteering to join, concludes the students’ most favorite school event.
Sports Day Sports Day
Culture Festival ( kakurei-sai / bunka-sai ) in September

This kind of event is common along with sports day throughout most high schools in Japan. It is a two-day event usually held on weekends to invite a lot of visitors. It is an important opportunity for cultural clubs to perform and exhibit what they have practiced or studied, not only to the fellow students but to visitors from outside school. Each class from 1st to 3rd year also takes part in various forms. Some open food- stalls some make a haunted house, and others conduct some game activities. The most popular one is a food-stall and it is the first choice in every class. But for various reasons, there is a restriction on the number of food-stalls admitted. They use a lottery to decide which class gets the right to open one. They also have an after-the-banquet event, called koya-sai, held on the second day after closing, where students get together in the gym. Rock bands play some rock music, or students do some comical skits and entertaining shows for choosing Mr. and Miss Tsurumine.
Cultural Festival Cultural Festival
Chorus Festival ( gassho-sai ) in March

This event is held at the end of the school year when the 3rd year students have already graduated, which means only 1st and 2nd year students participate. It is a chorus competition between classes. We use the public municipal hall near our school because of its resonance and good listening circumstances for students. Every class has to sing two songs; one is compulsory and the other their own choice. The first thing for every class to do is to decide their choice of song and select the pianist and the conductor. Then they start to practice, which continues almost every day until the festival day. Judges consisting of teachers and graduate students have to choose the best performance for each year of students and the grand prix, the best of all. Volunteer teachers who form an ad-hoc chorus group sing a song after student performances. The winning class is given a chance to sing once again to conclude the event, and the school year as well.
Chorus Festival Chorus Festival

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