Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School

vii. A Year at Tsurumine

The school year begins in April and ends in March. As for vacations, other than public holidays, we have three main times of year when there are no classes. The first is a 40- day summer vacation which is from July 21st till the end of August. The next is a two-week winter vacation which is from December 26th till January 7th of the following year. Finally we have a 10- day spring vacation which straddles the end of March and beginning of April. Consequently, the average number of school days is 200.

The school year is divided into three terms; the first runs from the beginning of April till the end of July, the second is from the beginning of August till the end of December and the third is from the beginning of January till the end of March.

As with most Japanese schools, the entrance and graduation ceremonies are the two big ceremonial events of the school.

viii. School Calendar

First Term
April:    First-term Opening Ceremony
Entrance Ceremony
         Orientation for First-Years
         Emergency & Fire Drill
         Physical Measurements
Academic Achievement Test
Field Trip
May: School Foundation Day ( 1st )
Physical Checkups
  PTA( Parent-Teacher Association ) General Assembly
Mid-term Examinations
June:     Change of School Uniform to Summer Clothes
School Yard Weeding
Sports Day ( taiiku-sai )
Future Guidance
July:     Student Council Elections
End-of-Term Examinations
Visit from College Students from France 
Closing ceremony for the First Term              
Supplementary Classes ( during the Summer Vacation )              
Second Term
August:    Training Camp for Clubs
Supplementary Classes  
Trip to New Zealand   
Trip to Germany and Visit to Gymnasium Glinde   
September: Culture Festival ( kakurei-sai )
October:   Change of School Uniform to Winter Clothes
Academic Achievement Tests for Third-years 
Visit from CGSB Students from UK
School Trip by the seond-years
Mid-term Examinations
November: School Marathon
December: End-of-term Examinations
Intramural Ball-Game Tournaments
Visit from Students from Australia
Future Guidance
Third Term
January: Unified Center Test for College Entrance
February: Entrance Examination for Prefectural High Schools
March: Graduation Ceremony
Final Examinations
Student Council General Assembly
Chorus Festival ( gassho-sai )
    School-year Closing Ceremony
Trip to UK and Visit to CGSB

ix.Photos of School Events

        Sports Day in June

                                            Summer Baseball tournaments

        Culture Festival in Sept.                   Chorus Festival in March

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