Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School

ii. Educational Guideline
  Students are educated in order to acquire a rich general knowledge, to cultivate understanding toward things international and intercultural, to be physically and mentally healthy, to have a strong will, and to always behave respecting other people’s situation.

iii. Educational Aims
 1 To foster the intellect and virtues of students.
 2 To develop their physical strength.
 3 To cultivate their individualities and skills.
 4 To broaden their perspective .

iv. School Emblem
 Our school emblem represents three cranes soaring high up in the sky. The image of the cranes comes from the name of the place where the school is located; Tsuru (crane) Mine (summit). The image of the three cranes also represents the following ideas:
 1. The unification of students, parents, and the school staff
 2. The pursuit of wisdom, virtues, and physical strength
 3. Purity and simplicity symbolized by the white color


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