Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School


        School Outline

name Kanagawa Prefectural Tsurumine High School
address 1-16-1, Enzo, Chigasaki, Kanagawa, Japan   zip code:253-0084
phone 81-467-52-6601
fax 81-467-54-2124
opening 1975/4/1
course full-time, day course, co-educational
Number of homeroom classes 28 ( 1st year 10,  2nd year 9,  3rd year 9 )
number of students 1103 including 23 returnee students from overseas
educational facilities  classrooms,  study rooms,  science laboratories, independent study room, music room, fine art room, calligraphy room, audio-visual room, school library, computer room, home-economic room, auditorium, gym, kendo and judo hall, athletic ground, tennis courts, softball tennis courts, handball court,  swimming pool 
number of staff Principal  1,    Vice-Principal  2
(part-timers included) Teachers (including part-timers):
     Japanese Language   11
      Social Studies ( Geography, History, Ethics, Civics )   9
      Mathematics   10
      Science ( Biology, Chemistry, Physics )   9
      Health and Physical Education   8
      Art ( Fine Art 1,  Calligraphy 1   Music  1  )   
      English   13   ALT  3   
      Home-economics   1    Korean   1    German   1   
     School Nurse   2
     Chief Official   1,   Officials   3,   Librarian   1  
     Technical Staff   2
club activities athletic:  track and field, volleyball, basketball, tennis, soft tennis, badminton, table-tennis, soccer, baseball, kendo, judo, handball, swimming, dance, cheer leading, futsal 
cultural:  photography, brass band, rock band, chorus, English, 
fine art, literature, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, fashion study,  Junior Red Cross, comic study, drama, computer

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